Mom Gets Out!


I’m falling more in love with my city. In the last week I have been able to experience the Trail of Lights (via a Fun Run that caps at 600 people, making the experience manageable and motivated by free goodies at the finish line), rent Cars 2 Go and hike the Barton Creek Greenbelt with girlfriends. While this may all sound very selfish because it was done without children, I consider it all a primer. See, I need to watch the movie before my kids see it, metaphorically speaking! 


While I will never take my babies in a Flintstone Car 2 Go, I will certainly take them to the Trail of Lights and The Greenbelt; the Trail next year and the Greenbelt next week.


 Seeing my city from Zilker Park at night, lit up by an array of Christmas lights, was a delight. And I have been so thankful to have these carved out chunks of time with girlfriends recently, not to mention alone time on the Butler Trail at Town Lake (there is nothing like the 10 mile loop to clear your head). It truly returns me to my family a better wife and mom.

In reference to the photos up top, Elaine and I were rejuvenated by Patty singing Top of the World in her second encore at the Paramount. So, yeah, mom gets out!!




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    • It’s the crazy system of cars all over town. You just rent them and leave them and you can take whichever one you find. They are smart cars, too, so it feels ultra-adventurous.

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