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Without getting too graphic or detailed, I will just say that our pediatrician had us take Sabra off dairy. Poor thing. She’s been asking for pizza every single day over the last week and it breaks my heart that I can’t give it to her. BUT……we have already seen an improvement in her constipation and her eczema has even improved! This is great news for a two-year-old who had to give birth to her bowel movements twice a week.

As you may recall, Sabra was the one who did all of her #2’s on the potty during infancy and early toddlerhood. Only recently had she begun to fear the commode. It all makes sense now that she equated the porcelain throne with pain. Her pediatrician said it will be a physiological battle for her to feel neutral about the potty again. Basically, she is going to have to have so many bowel movements that aren’t painful before she will even consider going back to the toilet.

Lesson: Don’t count your potty trained children before they are hatched.

So, for now, we will follow orders and add dairy to her peanut avoidance. It’s obvious that this is the best thing for her, but it’s so hard to take away something I know she likes. The next big test will be forgoing the kiddie toy-for-ice cream trade at Chickfila with all of our friends after BSF. This will not be an easy road, but we have to do what’s best for our daughter.

I almost feel grateful for the diary-free stints I had to undergo while nursing my dairy-sensitive babies. We can do this! And I’m thankful we live in a world (dare I say the mecca) of food substitutes.

Because, in the end, I don’t want to see this little one in pain.


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  1. Sabra and Robert can be dairy free BFFs. Robert eats pizza without cheese and thinks it’s the greatest thing ever. He also loves sorbet and thinks it’s icecream. And the chocolate chip cookies are amazing at CFA. Not free with the toy exchange, but may be worth it to get her over the hump. Love you, friend.

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