Mama Phews!

A friend of mine sent me this link and I have never felt so relieved as a parent. (Click on the link for “newsletter” under site directory on the left.  The article is called, “Solving the Crisis in  Homeschooling.”)
By far the best thing I read within the article was the following sentence: It is faith in Christ that carries us – not faith in Christianity. So when the Christianese overwhelms me or I get another answer with a bow around it from one of the girls in my Bible study who may not even be a Christian, I am relieved to know that I don’t trust in this religion. Instead, I trust in its Savior.
I’ve been reading a lot of parenting books lately and this article comes like breath of fresh air. Of course I want well-behaved, obedient, and respectful children, but not at the cost of molding little Pharisees. And then I read, “The only thing Jesus told us to shelter ourselves from was self-righteous religious leaders.”
And I’m left grateful that Jesus looks at the heart. I’m glad that he wants my heart and not my deeds. The same with my children.
My children are going to see who I am and that is what will have the greatest impact on them. And for that to be anything noteworthy, God has got to come in and rearrange some ugly places. I want a list of rights and wrongs. I want the law, but the law is powerless to save me. God must be my guide and, for some bizarre reason, that feels scarier than a how-to manual. But if there is one thing I do know, it’s that God is not boring. So I’m jumping on the rollercoaster of faith.  

My 1,000 Gifts

At the moment, my list only reaches 112. Here are some of my favorite counted blessings:

#1 Clean babies; my clean baby

#45 The smell of rain at camp in the evening

#54 Pen and paper and words across the page

#70 That the world is God’s art and I get to be a part of his symphony

#101 Jogging strollers

#106 Pumpkin flavored anything