Sabra’s 1st Birthday

Somehow a year has flown by since the sweet fragrance we call Sabra came onto the Williams’ scene. She’s lovely and couldn’t be more go with the flow, but as she does go with the flow, she also gets older.

And then suddenly you are planning a first birthday party. Soon thereafter, you are cleaning up after one, freezing half of the uneaten cake. One goes to great trouble for a non-walker/talker who has no idea what’s going on and will surely never offer thanks.

But one does it anyway.

Why? Because you love them. They are special to you and even though it doesn’t mean anything to them right now, in a way, you are celebrating the year you’ve had together.

And so we did. We celebrated Sabra’s first year of life and we toasted to the coming years of her little life; the little girl she will be and then the young woman. We love her and can’t wait to see  more and more of her personality as she continues to go with the flow, yet becomes her own person.

We love you, Sabra Ann.