Tiny Fashionistas Made in God’s Image

Let me just start this off by saying that my husband and I are anti-princess. Our daughter owns nothing with the word princess on it and we’ve never called her that.

So, with that I will take you back with me to last night, when I went to an upscale consignment sale in my neighborhood. I was looking for an Easter dress and maybe something cute for July 4th for one or both of my kiddos. The first disaster of this outing occurred as I walked through the door. Rowdy kids were screaming for their mommas and then one girl starting screaming, “I’m a fashionista! Mom, I’m a fashionista.” I’m sure this child thought she was being cute and maybe someone had lent her this grown-up word somewhere along the way, but I gasped when a miniature version of her parked on the floor right next to this five-year-old diva. They were wearing matching Matilda Jane outfits (be impressed if you are new to the kid’s clothing circus) and matching Tom’s (Mary Jane cut, to keep things feminine).

I rolled my eyes. See, I’m not like that. I do like cool clothes and I want my kids to look cute, but it’s not my part-time job. None of their clothing is custom or monogrammed (even though I think that’s adorable).

Anyway, I dismissed the tiny matching Matildas as spoiled, undisciplined clothes-horses-in-training.

And I probably could have gone about my merry judgmental way if it hadn’t been for a mentor mom’s panel I attended this morning. Wise Mom #3 talked about how all girls want to be princesses. How girls will always see themselves they way their father sees them and that makes me want Spencer to take our 16 month old daughter to the Daddy-Daughter dance tomorrow night and every year until she doesn’t live here. It makes me want to force him to spend an hour at a girly store where Sabra gets to pick out the most obscenely girly dress in stock. And it makes me want to pay more attention to the girly things I’ve never cared much about. It is a delight to have a girl, but it is also a huge responsibility.


As I raise up this young lady, I pray that she always knows her true beauty and worth come from her Creator. I pray that Spencer and I would reflect God’s love and care for her. And while I do pray that she always gets caught for everything she does wrong, I hope she knows that we are on her side and always have her back, no matter what’s on it (I prefer The Gap for her, but even if she’s into that Hollister business, I’ll still love her the same).



Girls Weekend

Brooks, Spencer and Craig are camping out at Big Bend for a few days. They left on Friday. Today is Tuesday and they return tomorrow. I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I’m ready for them to come home. I really miss them.

While they were preparing to leave, all I could think about was organizing around the house, relaxing and watching movies because Sabra goes to bed at 7, whereas Spencer often lets Brooks stay up until 8. Long story short, we never have enough time to watch entire movies. So I watched more movies over this long weekend than I’ve seen all year. And it was great, but one of those movies happened to be Boyhood, part of which is filmed at Big Bend, and it made me realize the following:

1. Brooks will grow up. He will have crushes and bad haircuts and one day leave for college and life and then I will have to face myself.

2. This both thrills and terrifies me.

3. I want our family to camp and spend more time in the western wing of this gorgeous state.

4. I miss my husband-the one who won’t actually be moving out and moving on-and I want to invest more in our marriage. We need more date nights and time together where we don’t talk about the kids. We need to be us, because one day it will just be us.

Again, this is thrilling and terrifying.