Mommy Spring Break

I got home from a sort of mom-ish spring break last week. My phenomenal mother-in-law helped out with the kids during the day while Spencer was at work so I could go up to Colorado to visit my brother while he is still stationed in Colorado Springs.

It snowed upon arrival and throughout the entire first day. I loved every minute. We stayed inside under blankets and relaxed and I even watched an entire movie during the middle of the day. It was so satisfying. And the funniest part is that I don’t even remember the name of the movie!

The next two days we headed up to the mountains and went snow skiing. I celebrated my 34th birthday on the slopes with my brother, mother and maid of honor, Julie, who also lives in COS (at least for another month). I skied well and got to feel hard core, which was a boost after this year of injuries. And I just love being in the mountains. A part of me has always wanted to live in Colorado and I wonder if I ever will.

I was able to hike and eat and drink for a few days without my children, but by the last day I was really missing them. I tried not to think about how much I wished it could have been just Spencer and me away together at the Broadmoor. How he would have loved the view and lights at night.

I thought about them all three so much, but I was able to think about me too. I often forget that these difficult little years will pass. And I want to write, so I will have to do just that.

So here I am, back at home and back in the word saddle just banging out a few letters at a time. It’s good to be back!