Life: Never Doth Goeth According to Plan(eth)

The last two days have looked much different than I envisioned them playing out. See, we were supposed to meet a friend at Chickfila after BSF on Thursday, but my children ran straight to the baptismal fountain instead of our car on the way out and my plans were foiled. Note: my daughter started out the day looking adorable. See below.


 Both kids ended up in diapers/underwear only as we pulled into the Chick parking lot. See, old me would have called the whole thing off, but I am a little more desperate for adult interaction these days. So, when I glanced down at the floorboard and noticed Brooks’ jacket and found a size 12mos cardigan lining the bottom of Sabra’s diaper bag, I decided we would give this thing a go.

My children exited the car wearing zero shirts, jackets of some sort, no bottoms and sopping wet shoes. Yes, I walked them in public, around a restaurant to meet a friend wearing the above shameful clothing combinations. My friend had some extra bottoms in her car and a spare shirt, so this is how my kids ended up:




And you know what? We had a blast. My kids played hard, rewarding me by napping the afternoon away, I enjoyed maybe ten entire adult conversation moments during my lunch and I returned home to a clean kitchen! I will say that I should probably start leaving tips on the table after my crew has descended upon the Chick. In sum, totally glad we went.

Scenario 2. We had a full Friday with preschool and MOPS. The plan was to come home and let the kids nap for a few hours before we headed out to Johnson City with a few friends to see what are rumored to be the most beautiful lights in Texas. So, dinner at Pecan Street Brewery, light viewing, hot cocoa and some adorable shots of the kids playing in small town Texas were all on the docket (mind you, these were supposed to be rested children).

A fresh morning pic of Sabra:

But then neither kid slept. Nope, for hours they just kicked in their beds and yelled. And I let them. Part of me wanted to call off our the whole sojourn to Johnson City for the Williams crew, but we missed going last year and we knew if we didn’t go then, we wouldn’t go at all.

So, reluctantly, we loaded our unrested kids into the car and headed west. We waited for meltdowns that never came. We enjoyed dinner with friends, joyfully ran through fields of lights and decorations and sat (phenomenally) silently through our first live nativity without a single whine or whimper.

 The clock kept creeping further past their bedtimes, finally surpassing their “latest night of all time” and we were finally forced to hang up our hats when Sabra ran barefoot through dog poop, transferring it to Spencer’s shirt when he picked her up.

We drove back to Austin, witnessing some of the most beautiful lights we would otherwise not see. The kids got to bed way too late and without baths (except Sabra’s poop foot, which was thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized) and, finally, Spencer and I lay in bed comparing pictures and videos from the whole adventure.

I’m tasting the parenting pill of “inconvenient but worth it” quite a bit lately. It never goes down quite as terribly as I think it will and it’s a relief to know I’m not out of refills yet!



Mom Gets Out!


I’m falling more in love with my city. In the last week I have been able to experience the Trail of Lights (via a Fun Run that caps at 600 people, making the experience manageable and motivated by free goodies at the finish line), rent Cars 2 Go and hike the Barton Creek Greenbelt with girlfriends. While this may all sound very selfish because it was done without children, I consider it all a primer. See, I need to watch the movie before my kids see it, metaphorically speaking! 


While I will never take my babies in a Flintstone Car 2 Go, I will certainly take them to the Trail of Lights and The Greenbelt; the Trail next year and the Greenbelt next week.


 Seeing my city from Zilker Park at night, lit up by an array of Christmas lights, was a delight. And I have been so thankful to have these carved out chunks of time with girlfriends recently, not to mention alone time on the Butler Trail at Town Lake (there is nothing like the 10 mile loop to clear your head). It truly returns me to my family a better wife and mom.

In reference to the photos up top, Elaine and I were rejuvenated by Patty singing Top of the World in her second encore at the Paramount. So, yeah, mom gets out!!