The Chlorophyll in my Soul

I have all of these deep things to say about leaves when they are green, containing chlorophyll, and when they die, showing their true colors (you know those oranges and browns and yellows people flock east to see in the fall). I’m sure I should be contemplating my true colors, too. But I’m not going to do that today. I just need to say that I love natural colors. I’ve been taking photos of trees since last fall, thinking I would post a meaningful blog about change or whatever, but that never happened. 

 Then a freak tree near Brooks’ preschool turned red yesterday  (in late March) and I had to photograph it. I have no wisdom to impart, except to say that sometimes we should just marvel at creation. Blooming flowers and changing leaves offer us a wake-up call to look heavenward. Spring came early in Austin and I’ve lifted my eyes.





I’m not crying. Yet. See, last weekend we were given an amazing and very second-hand Dollhouse bunk bed for Sabra. She will be out of her crib for good in about six months and then we will be done with cribs and Pack-n-Plays forever. Have I mentioned I’m not crying? Darn, I think i just felt a tear well up.

(Wipes tear) Anyway, I love my engineer of a husband. He not only disassembled the bed at another family’s house, but he reassembled it in Sabra’s room, reinforcing it to keep our baby girl safe and sound for when the time comes. We’ve only had the bed for two days now, but it has been the biggest hit. Not only have they found hide-outs, but it’s given them a new spot to play.

This big move also forced me to rethink our play room, which has technically had very little play. I ended up moving most of the kiddy toys upstairs to said play room so we can feel like we sort-of reign the downstairs region of this house. Sabra’s kitchen and doll house bookshelf were also evicted from her room on account of the behemoth Dollhouse.

 Did I mention this bed is bonkers pricey when bought new? Yes. Here’s the link the website.{69cdb236979761836b643e1b0f0857ba9ff75f480871fb5c30c4103aecfdbb6a}3A

Oh, and we can’t turn on the fan while this thing is in her bedroom. 

And while I’d never want my children to think I’d spend that kind of money on a bed (especially for a 2 year old), I do want them to know that hours of scrubbing and Goo-Gone applications can salvage even a piece of furniture which was on its deathbed. No, it’s not in the best shape, but it will do the job of providing one twin and one double bed in Sabra’s room, while hopefully fostering her imagination and letting her be a little girl while she still is one.

In sum, I totally love to new do. Enjoy these photos of the new set up and a shot of Sabra’s “cave” which she pops in and out of like a gopher!

Tiny Enormous Updates

When I go for weeks at a time without blogging, it’s not because life is slow and boring and I don’t have anything to write about. It’s because:

a. I’m sleeping in and not participating in “5am Team Meeting”

b. So much is happening I can’t keep up

c. We are out of town

I would say my excuse this time around is a combination of the three. I really like bullet points, so that’s what we are going with today. A little update.

Post Golf Cart Purchase Happenings:

1. Brooks got 7 stitches in his head after falling off our bed. Wait, this sounds like a graceful rolling off, which it was not. He soared into the air and then whipped his head back around, super-hero style. This kid is in full little boy mode right now. Full energy, full passion and full force. ER visits are so cheap.


2. We went to Corpus Christi, Texas. The town Spencer and I loathe. This was huge, as we hadn’t been in 6 years.


We threw a baby shower for our dear friend Lindsey, who is due any day now.   
Jake, Lorraine and Brittany’s kids United for the 1st time!!! In the Wallace side yard-perfection. 

3. We stayed at my dad’s house on Padre Island while we were there. For one night. And took the boat to Snoopy’s. The kids loved it. I will post photos only and not dig into the emotional ramifications. 

 4. I got drawn for the NYC marathon! What? First try is very rare, but I think God is helping a daughter out. It’s a relief to know that I don’t have to drink for 8 more months because I will be running (hopefully….stay away pesky injuries).

5. I went back to the ER for another cheap visit because I had chest pain over the weekend. When you say “chest pain” they freak out and run all of the heart tests. My heart is just dandy, so I’m off to a gastro tomorrow for them to tell me I have GERD. It’s been about 6 years since my last endoscopy and diagnosis, but I fear it is back. Boo.

6. Sabra is a natural on the dance floor. We can deny it no longer: Our daughter has moves. This little lady needs to get thee to a dance factory. I see leotards and tap shoes in her future.

7. We finally said goodbye to the leaning tower of playscape that has threatened visitors since we moved in. We tore this hazard down and put each piece out for big pick up. Now we have piles of wood in our backyard, begging to be constructed into something playable for our kiddos who love to play.

8. Last, but not least, our kids got to see their favorite aunt and uncle this weekend as we celebrated Brooks’ 4th birthday with an early party. The kids are a little obsessed with Aunt Emmy and Uncle Sonny. Now we will be hearing about them for weeks. Also, Sabra names all of her stuffed animals Aunt Emmy. Adorable!

BONUS: Did I mention both of my children are Cavity-FREE?!?!