Hair Force 1

Haircuts are those things everyone does, but no one breaks down. They should bring a mother to tears seeing all the days, weeks, and months it’s taken for their child’s hair to get to this shaggy point from the last time they sat in that funny car. See, we go to a cheesy kid place where the kids get spoiled and bribed just so someone can chop off their hair. Somehow they WANT to go here. It makes haircuts, which were once a huge, painful ordeal, into a sort-of field trip.

A friend of mine with a third grader informed me that her daughter told her upon leaving this establishment a few months ago that’s she’s grown out of it. So, there you go. There’s a timeline for the annoying kid stuff that you think will last forever.

Things I probably won’t remember about my kids:

  1. How someone always has to go potty the second we get our food at a restaurant (when I am parenting alone).
  2. How they turn down Chick-fil-A to eat grilled cheese at home.
  3. How gross sticky their hands get when they eat lollipops.
  4. How Sabra will eat anything off the floor (like the ice she picked up and kept dropping on the floor at Chipotle today).
  5. How they never had “room time” once they dropped their naps.

Things I will definitely remember:

  1. How much my kids LOVE the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack.
  2. And how haircuts are my reality check that they are growing up before my very eyes.

I see it. And with every haircut, I see it more. All of this is to say that today, I saw my kids grow a little more. And in the midst of all this, I hope they are able to see that I’m growing too. My heart, for sure.