Camp Mommy

Last week I was a mother-of-one. Brooks got the royal treatment at Camp Gigi in San Antonio, so Sabra and I were just two girls on the town. And we had a blast! We swam, ate out and read nearly every children’s book under our roof. I love this girl and I love her age. I love that she remembers every fact she’s ever heard and that her eyes are as blue as the Frio River. She is brave and fun to be around. She does her own thing and makes me want to live more in the moment. I have this 4-year-old for another four months. I will cringe when she turns five because it means my baby is really growing up, but I am beyond thrilled to have two full days with her each week next year before she goes off to kinder. I love this girl something fierce. And I thank God daily that I get to be her mommy.

My Little Wonder Girl!

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