Mema: What is That?

For months, Brooks has been pointing at things and saying, “Mema.” It took a while, but we finally realized that this was Brookese for, “Hey, I have no idea what that thing is. Can you tell me?” He had a few other words, but even after we’d put him down for the night, for a long season Spence and I would still be saying mema, mema, mema everytime we turned around.

After we decoded this word, we began to respond to Mema with, “You mean, What is that?” And for weeks, we heard, “Memaaaaaa…..wuh iz at?” over and over. As if catching himself, he would tack on What is that to the word he was so used to spitting out. Like a delayed linguistic calculation, he couldn’t let go of his word before speaking coherent English.

Why does this matter? Well, this week he dropped Mema altogether. I woke up this morning, desperately searching for a pen so I could scribble down this silly word. Mema. Brooks doesn’t say Mema anymore and it scared me to death that I would forget he ever said it.

I had grandiose ambitions when I started this blog. I thought maybe I was doing something different and profound, but really I’m just another Jesus follower trying to do just that: follow Jesus (in an extremely distracting world). But I don’t have to be special or profound. I will, however, have huge regrets if I don’t document my kiddos lives. Because I enjoy writing. I enjoy reflecting on life and crafting it into pictures with words on the page. No one may ever read it, but I’m going to build something beautiful on the page. This is my Mema: What is that?!

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