Under the Banner of Heaven

Under the Banner of Heaven pretty much blew me away. Ever since we visited the Mormon temple in SLC almost a decade ago, I’ve been awed at how people can actually believe the tenants of this faith. Granted, until I read this book, my primer on Mormonism had been a brief South Park episode, but I still felt satisfied that it was all borderline insanity.

Then I read this.

Not only is everything in that South Park episode doctrinally correct, but droves of people around the world are able to look past the crazy as they convert to this religion every day. Oh, that Joseph Smith was a wily one. Dangerous even.

About the book: I liked that I got to see the span of Mormonism tethered together by an actual event – though a horrific one. Certain points were so creepy that I had to close the book and call it a night, but others were so juicy that I just wanted the entire faith’s visual history right in front of me. While this book does border on anti-faith, it is disturbingly entertaining and readable. In no way was this read a waste of time.

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