Because You’d Always Wonder….

I guess it’s good to try things. Maybe that’s how you figure out what you are good (or terrible) at and what you love. Like most people at some point in their lives, I tried direct selling a product. It doesn’t matter what it was, the bottom line was that my heart just wasn’t into it. At first, I took off like a shooting star, making leader boards and I even won a free iPad. But, more and more, the reality of the business just wasn’t a fit for me.

Upon a friends’ invitation about five years ago, I joined a women’s social league. I didn’t even make it through the provisional stage before I quit. I had to be something I wasn’t and the whole thing just wasn’t for me.

What I noticed about both of these trails is that they made me more self-conscious and brand aware, like I needed to sell or prove myself to somehow fit in. And that makes me feel icky. In no way is everyone who sells something or joins a fee-based group like this, but when I dip my toes in, I am.

So, I cut my losses. And I learned something about myself: all I really want to do is write and hang out with my kids. I get paid a tiny bit to write and I don’t pay anyone to watch my kids, so I’ll keep on investing my best efforts there.

The best “chin up” advice I got when sharing the quitting news was from my dad. This eternal optimist said, “Well, you would always have wondered if you hadn’t.” And he’s right. There are no magic bullets or free rides and sometimes we just need a reminder…..or you would always wonder.



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