Family Circus


You wouldn’t guess it from this picture (unless you can tell what that black thing is that’s hovering above the first white L), but this family missed their week long Family Camp this summer and barely made it to All Saints’ Family Camp weekend this fall.┬áThe mother is in a walking book for a stress fracture after months of physical setbacks from a running injury. The dad just had a cancerous mole and surrounding tissue removed on his neck by a plastic surgeon – not even a full three months after his 2nd back surgery in two years. The son featured above is 7 days out from three staples being inserted into his head, while the little lady is spoiled rotten with only a severe case of eczema. We are a mess, but we learned two important things this weekend.

1.You don’t have to save the world, JUST SHOW UP!

2. ALL bleeding stops eventually. A doctor said this, so it has to be true. He also said it has multiple life applications.

I needed to hear both of those things this weekend. See, they got all of Spencer’s melanoma. He is released by his doctor to participate in all physical activity. My son’s three staples were removed this morning – his bravery quickly rewarded with apple juice. I only have to lug around this hideous boot for another week and then, who knows, maybe I can take my kids for a walk. How glorious that would be! And even my daughter’s eczema is improving with a prescription.

Eventually, our bleeding will stop. At least for a while.

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