Book Review Meets Epiphany

The book: The Diaper Free Baby

The method: Elimination Communication

My initial reaction (while reading this six months pregnant): Let’s nail this beast! Why didn’t I do this with my first!

My reaction as a sleep-deprived mother of two: Screw it. I love diapers; nay, I need them!

I pretty much concluded that the reading of this book was a waste of time until the day I caught my daughter grunting at the breakfast table and I decided to multitask and save a diaper by putting her on the baby toilet  in our downstairs 1/2 bath.

To my amazement, she went. And then that night before her bath, I put her on our upstairs potty again. And she went. Again!

This could have been a fluke, but she’s been doing her big business on the potty twice a day for weeks now. She goes on the potty more than our 2.5 year old!

In sum, this book was not a waste of time and I’m glad I read it because I learned how to pick up on my baby’s elimination cues.

Dampened excitement: Now, she can’t even walk, so I’m not betting on full potty training for quite some time, but at least she won’t be scared of the porcelain throne when the time comes.

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