Wide-Eyed on New Year’s Day

There is a band called The Weepies (thank you Emily for introducing us). They have a song that says, “It’s just not your year….”

Spencer and I have decided that this is our song for 2014. This was a rough year. In fact, I can probably count the upsides on one hand (we can’t overlook the GP’s moving 15 minutes away, Spencer winning the raffle at his work’s Christmas party and Sabra finally crawling like a normal baby).

So I’ve decided 2015 is going to rule. I have a friend who set 12 reachable, but awfully lofty resolutions for this year. I don’t have anything like that, but I would like to create 12 new habits over the next 12 months. More will be revealed to me I suppose, so I only know of a few at this point, enough to start with January.

January Habit: Nap no longer than 30 minutes or not at all. See, I can nap for hours. All afternoon, really, and still be able to sleep a full night. I had to do enough reading about oversleeping to convince myself that anything longer than a 30 minute nap during the day is harmful. When my kids go down for their afternoon naps, I’m right with them – and I’m not hating on naps or nap-ers, there’s nothing wrong with them. The problems arise when I blow my precious personal and productive moments on sleep. Now that I am sleeping through the night (because my children are sleeping through the night), this is a habit I want to drop. But I hate the idea of “I quit” which is why I’m creating new habits instead of quitting old ones.  

I started my new (>30 or X) habit a week ago and I’m still alive, possibly even more productive and present than I was before. I’ve set my trusty old alarm for 30 minutes a few times and then willed myself back to life when it dinged.

I guess we can say I’m greeting 2015 with eyes wide open.

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