Precious Moments

This pictures how I want my life to be and look. I want adventure, fun, outings and memories with my husband and kids. In other words, I don’t ever want to get sick (nor do I want them to get sick). But it seems like that’s all we’ve done so far in 2015. Every last one of us!

See, last weekend I was supposed to go out to camp with some women from my church for a retreat. It was a lovely Thursday-Sunday weekend at my favorite place on Earth, Laity Lodge. But then I got the stomach flu. Like the really bad one that lasts all week. It was terrible. And then it rained. So I parented, ill, from the couch all week.

And somehow, my children were compassionate. I could barely take care of them the first half of the week and by the second half, they just let me heal prone (as long as I would read Winnie the Pooh over and over and over again).

Being in this (insert offensive word) boot to boot (insert chuckle), I pulled out of the retreat the day before it started. Thursday came and went and by Friday morning, I was back on the couch reading to my son when I looked out the window and saw snow flakes mixed with the rain. I almost cried when I got on Facebook and saw Laity Lodge as a winter wonderland – a snow globe I could have been in. But instead of relaxing at a women’s retreat, I was taking care of my children, smack dab in the middle of the life I wanted a break from.

I wish I could have gone. I wish I’d never gotten sick, but I don’t wish away last week. I was at home with both of my children for an entire week, sick as a dog, and they were as sweet as they could be – one day they even let me nap for three hours! I know what you’re thinking: there goes her 1st resolution; don’t worry, I’m back on the train today. And while I lost ground with the 1st one, I went ahead and accidentally detoxed off caffeine while I was sick, so I guess it all evens out.

But somewhere in the midst of it all, I looked around and realized that this is life. The living room couch and the kitchen table are life. I long for life to be the finish line of a long race or the top of a mountain after an arduous hike, but most of it is reading the same Winnie the Pooh story over and again. It’s dressing the same kid who will need undressing and feeding the same people who will be hungry again in four hours. But we have choices, so I want to do these things with love, wholeheartedly.  So I will pop tents in the backyard just because and consciously decide not to be a slave to the clock. Because these are precious moments that I only get one of.

2 thoughts on “Precious Moments

  1. So true…those moments pass and there is no more desire for Winnie the pooh. Engrave the memory in your mind because it will be a sweet reflection when they walk down the isle.

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