Redneck Hot Tub Nudist Colony

My kids just want to be naked. I can’t blame them; they were born that way.

One way or another, they both end up naked in our backyard at least once a week. It’s simply beauty in motion to watch them run around carelessly in the buff, unaware of their bodies and so solely focused on whatever imaginary mission they are on that particular day.

This weekend it was cooler, meaning we were outside almost every waking second. Austin got some rain on Friday night and our blow up pool (which somehow ended up on top of the Radio Flyer wagon) was left full of water. In camp-speak, this would qualify as a redneck hot tub. My half-pints were naked in seconds, splashing around. Hours passed as they vacillated between swinging in the nude and feeling the need to rinse off the gunky leaves from their dirty bottoms in our pool. I found it hilarious when they so desperately wanted to soar down the slide, but their half-dry bodies only let them squeak down a few inches at a time.

And I suppose what I find most beautiful about this is their innocence. They aren’t concerned with what their bodies look like. They have no insecurities because no one has told them anything is wrong! No one has criticized anything that doesn’t quite measure up.


I know it will happen. I tear up thinking that one day someone will hurt – I mean really hurt – one of my babies. Their hearts will be broken, they will experience shame and embarrassment and, undoubtedly regret, but my prayer is that I will be able to show them how to walk through that, leaning on the truths God says about them. Basically, I pray that each day I would be pointing them to the Lord so they would know who they really are. That way any punk who ever tries to repaint that holy portrait can and will be instantly dismissed on the basis of authority.

 But for now, I bask in watching my children roam naked, truly without a care in the world. We only get that for so long and then the world meter gets hammered into us. I’m slowly digging my own out after years of giving it too much weight.

Lord, please steel my children. May the world meter never dig into them as deeply as it has dug into me.

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