Running My Own Race

Running teaches me a lot about life. Yesterday I was able to run a 10-miler with a gal from church. Run for the Water is an amazing cause created by the Gilbert’s Gazelle’s dude (a running group in town/author of a fantastic book I just read and will review later on this week). Each race entry provides “clean drinking water for life” for one person in Gilbert’s home country, Burundi. Did you notice the word “run” smack dab in the middle of that country’s name?

Anyhoot, I was grateful to wake up yesterday, on All Saints Day (and 6 months from my last drink), and head downtown for this important adventure. We ran through the most prestigious part of Austin, Tarrytown, and meandered through its most breathtaking street, Scenic Drive. What a treat! I feel spoiled when I drive down this street, let alone soak it up on foot. The sun came out after a brief morning rain and the water of Lake Austin to our left provided a gorgeous backdrop for the rigorous hills. Residents came out to cheer and I was impressed by the attitude and number of volunteers. I have put “race volunteer” on my to-do list for sometime in the next year.

I had some pain in my right leg, but it’s teaching me to run my own race. I was feeling good from the start, so I omitted my little walk breaks. This was a mistake I am paying for today. I need to take care of my body and that means not worrying about what other people think and just doing what I need to do. I need those walk breaks and my dorky little timer to remind me not to get carried away by my emotions (or delusions). Lesson learned. And I’m glad this applies to my life as well.

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  1. It’s hard listening to those bodies. I keep thinking my body is still 16!! What’s up with these aches?? And 10 miles is AMAZING!!

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