My Sunday running buddy took a selfie of us at the starting line. It was early and we are about to run a long way, so chances are we’d have the dark circles and bags under our eyes that we did – you know, just not be in tip-top photo form. But, when my friend posted this photo of us on Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised.

“Why do I look better here than I actually do,” I asked.

“Oh, I filtered it on Instagram to remove dark circles and wrinkles.”


Best news ever.

 And I was this close to creating an Instagram account, when I happened upon the following article. And it blew my mind.

Read full article.

Don’t get me wrong, I was pumped to have a little free beauty enhancement, but when I read this, I felt so sad for our young girls and what social media and selfies have done to them.

Multiple filters just to post a selfie?

Posing in something over the top that you’d never actually wear out of the house?

Situating yourself for half an hour to make a shot look natural?

Oh, boy. What has happened to us? As I read this girl’s account, my heart ached for a generation that seeks its value from likes, otherwise known throughout history as the approval of man. It looks differently than it did during my youth, a more vicious vanity.

And what I really went away with were thoughts of my own daughter. Do I want her to remember her mommy taking “selfies” and “filtering” them to erase imperfections so the world can think she doesn’t have the flaws that she actually does?

As I returned to my Facebook feed this morning, I could not look at a single picture without wondering if it had been doctored in some way. We are so afraid of our wrinkles and dark circles and muffin tops that we are straight up lying to the world about them. Nope, not me! Looking perfect as always! This is what we project, but what kind of legacy is that leaving? I want to raise a daughter who knows she is more than a doctored selfie that earned 100 likes, easy clicks of approval that will never be thought of again.






2 thoughts on “Liars

  1. Amen!!! We need to teach our kids (especially our girls!!) to be comfortable in their own skin. Confident not in how they look or what people think about them, but confidence in being created by a God who loves them so. My heart aches for Birdie to know that deeply. Love this reminder. Love your honestly.

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