Team Williams

Have I mentioned that Spencer and I are a team? It’s true. While we certainly endure tons of repetitive drills, we get to go out and win, too, sometimes!

Exhibit A: This empty space that I dreamed of becoming a secret writing cove.

Exhibit B: Writing cove brought to fruition by the engineering mind of my Point Guard. Not only was he able to pour an entire weekend into thinking up this now beautiful (looking and smelling!) desk, but he was able to create and fill up on what restores him. While I definitely came out with a desk I love, he came out renewed because he was able to do something he enjoyed.



The same is true with my early morning weekend outing. I need one a weekend. So, either early Saturday or Sunday morning, I will head out for a run (or walk, if my body is rebelling). Spencer runs interference until I can resume the position. And he does an amazing job (who else comes home to their husband making pancakes for the family at 7:25am?).

But I don’t get back on the court exhausted, I return renewed. And this is good for the team.

See, we both need this. There are no martyrs because we are a team. And we both need a weekend. And rest. And, while we are propelled by different petroleum, we both need to fill up or we will wear out and shut down.

Alright. Back to practice!


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