We didn’t get a cat or a dog or another kid. Nope, we got a golf cart. Spencer’s dad bought some land out near Blanco and Spencer is convinced that this gas-powered cart is necessary for that land which has no electricity or water.


Oh, and we named it Emu. Why? Because we bought it from a dude in Buda who had Emus. It’s fun to say Emu, so we named the candy-apple-red happy-fun-toy Emu!

But, before Emu goes out to its home for good, we have it here at home. And we are riding in it like crazy. Yep, we’ve gone cruising every single day it’s been here. We’ve found secret trails in our neighborhood, a duck pond with a pier behind a school and a fun way to call on friends during the happiest of hours.

 Side note: It feels much safer now that we have a windshield and seat-belts.

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